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I had such a blast at Anime California! I cosplayed Serah Farron and Super Sonico while there, and I enjoyed it because I got to have pink hair for two days. x3 I've already posted one Sonico photo but I'm still waiting for the rest from other photographers. Serah Farron I'm also waiting on photos for so once I have them I shall share them here with you. :D

My next convention will most probably be Long Beach Comic Con, as I wasn't able to go to Long Beach Comic Expo. I'm not sure who I'm cosplaying there. Even though it's next month it's still too early for me to say. xD 

My cosplay plans got jumbled around a bit so now there's no definite order. :P I have Gnar and Arno Dorian added, and they'll probably just sit there until I figure out when I want them done by. I think I was debating which of those two I should do for Anime LA in January, but I forget. xD I might do Arno for ALA because it gets cold and he has long sleeves, so. ;P

Oh! I forgot that I actually have my Ryuko cosplay for the most part done. I did a long haired version of her, just because I don't feel like I'm one to be able to pull off short hair. :P I got the idea from a piece of fan art I saw a while ago. It was on Instagram and even then I don't think the original artist was the one who posted what I saw, but if I find it again and find the artist, I'll be sure to give them credit in any photos of my Ryuko cosplay you may see here. ^^


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Hey there. :)

I prefer to draw with good ol' pencil most of the time, but I have dabbled in other medias such as paint and charcoal. However, I think the pencil will always be for me.

I enjoy cosplaying. I don't know what about it is so fun, but it is! I'm incredibly indecisive so new ideas never stick for very long unless I'm very adamant about doing it.

Instagram: happypandacosplay

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