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Anime Expo this year was a lot of fun! I ended up not cosplaying Kakashi because it was waaaaay too hot for me to wear that mask all day. ToT Especially since I *did*, however, cosplay Quicksilver and had a super thick jacket that I pretty much died in. But it's okay! I was really happy with the cosplay. :D I don't have any good photos of it yet, but I'll try to get some soon... probably when things settle down and I feel up to getting into it again--the heat is just blech. xD

I think my next convention will be Anime California. My friend cosplays Lightning from FFXIII fairly regularly and she encouraged me to cosplay Serah Farron since we're always together anyway. :D I'll do my best to have it by then!

That being said, I think after Serah, things in the cosplay realm will slow down in the ways of good shoot photos and increase in more WIP. The projects I'll be taking on this next year will be bigger than what I've done before and will allow me to try and create things I haven't really considered doing previously. This is a suuuuuper rough list of what I hope to achieve in the next year, in no particular order:

(humaoid/fem) Rocket Raccoon
Mad Moxxi (my queen. srsly.)
Connor Kenway (it's been my dream to cosplay him. fo' real)
Dovahkiin (binge playing Skyrim once school got out inspired me)
Ziggs (this'll be the bomb huehue)

So yeah, these projects are quite big at least for me and where I'm at as a cosplayer right now, and I'm still tossing other ideas around (such as Sonico because da bby). But I chose these to keep in mind for sure because these are what will challenge me and help me get better. I have rough times of when I hope to have each done (according to what con I'd like to wear it to), but I'm a lot busier this summer than I had anticipated so things might get pushed back. :o

Anyway, I hope you choose to stick around so the both of us can see how this journey over the next year goes!


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Hey there. :)

I prefer to draw with good ol' pencil most of the time, but I have dabbled in other medias such as paint and charcoal. However, I think the pencil will always be for me.

I enjoy cosplaying. I don't know what about it is so fun, but it is! I'm incredibly indecisive so new ideas never stick for very long unless I'm very adamant about doing it.

Instagram: cherryblossomcosplay

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